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"The brain works like a movie that's being filmed continuously and as quick as lightning. Every moment resembles a new story for us. Some of these stories stay remembered until the end of our days, others we unfortunately forget. Aren't these stories or memories our cherished possession?"

Prof. J.J. Hamilton, director of Braintec


Welcome to the Braintec Web Site.
We thank you for your interest in our company, and encourage you to find out more about us. This site presents how the Braintec Institute enabled new methods to conserve memories.

For more than 12 years, Braintec has excelled at scientific research programs investigating the possibilities to copy and store human memories. Our continuous involvement in designing and testing new surgical implants and techniques has become a way of life... a total company commitment in finding new ways to comprehend human thought. 

By partnering with the leading manufacturers of brain implants, Braintec has been an active participant in the advancement of bio-chemical storage. Neurological leaders identified the need for more accurate stimulation of the amagdale and hypothalamus-area to improve our knowledge of the human brain. Braintec provided the solution through the development of two unique brain implants. By combining advanced capabilities in memory research and the ability to store MEMES, Braintec continues its remarkable research and reaches beyond the imagination.

Braintec’s achievements and ambitions will continue to grow. Great effort and expense has and will be put into new and experimental technologies like micro-arraying, which will allow thousands of MEMES to be placed on a single M-Store for assay and analysis, which promises to increase uploading speed tenfold. The excitement surrounding the birth of a new science has augmented both the challenges and the rewards of exploring hitherto unknown areas of the biological world. Braintec will continue to lead the way as some of the most fundamental questions of biology give way to human understanding.

We serve the bio-medical market with a single mission ­ to continuously improve our methods of conserving memories or MEMES. Braintec has become well known for this remarkable research, and its important discoveries. We are prepared to meet the toughest challenges during this mission.


Think Braintec - Think bio-medical research, conserving memories, important discoveries.

Think Braintec - Think about a way of storing your most precious moments, safe for ever.

Think Braintec - Think about the ability to relive those memories at any chosen time.

Think Braintec - Think about all the possible exploration to be done. What will be next?


In 2003, Braintec dissolved its relationship with the National Institute of Mental Health that funded its ten year, $70 million founding grant. An increasing number of government and private grants and private contracts now support Braintec’s work. The DOE’s early support was a key element in Braintec’s success. DOE has also supported many other projects, including the development of our new M-Stores. In addition, the National Science Foundation has made grants totaling $19.7 million to analyze MEMES. We would like to thank these financiers for making our dream come true.


Latest News

Temporary Laboratory
During Re:visie that took place in Utrecht this year, Braintec collected single memories from volunteers.

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Success BraintecGrid
The launch of the new BraintecGrid was a huge success. Press attention resulted in thousands of volunteers already.

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Test subjects wanted!

Braintec is constantly in search of new test subjects.
Are you interested in a free flight to Portland and a nice fee for being available? Don't be shy and fill in our online questionnaire.

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